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BFT 3.0 Update July

/BFT 3.0 Update July

    Summer is here!

    July 2017

    How could so much happen is so little time? In just the last two months before summer, we’ve celebrated Mother’s Day by dedicating fifteen babies and young children to God, baptized fourteen people, had our kids and students write encouraging letters to active duty soldiers in honor of Memorial Day, finished up spring grow groups, and had Wills Clinic, Family Movie Night, Grade Change, graduations, Father’s Day, and Serve Day!

    The Bible says: “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” Genesis 8:22

    We serve a big God who puts even the season in order, and it’s that kind of power that brought us back into relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. As we start our summer, let’s remember to stay close to God. How can we do that?

    • Come on Sundays. Don’t take the summer off. View live online or watch previous services on demand.
    • Spend some time with God. Make a goal of reading through one of the gospels. Better yet, read and talk about it as a family.
    • Get together with family and friends and talk about your faith.
    • Serve! Check out our volunteer opportunities.
    • Stay engaged by consistently giving.


    Pledge Total: $885,281 // Goal: $1,000,000 // Pledges received: $311,946

    Thank you for your generous hearts. 

    Here are just a few things your Crossroads family has been up to this past month as we work towards our BFT 3.0 F.A.I.T.H. Goals:

    F – Fill His house with 1,500 people each weekend by our 35th anniversary in 2020.

    Our church family continues to grow as we remain faithful with our goals. We’ve grown 15% in the last twelve months, and have averaged just shy of 1,000 each Sunday since Easter. 1,104 attended Mother’s Day. That’s up 20% over last year!

    Along with growing attendance, lives are changing. 377 people have made commitments and re-commitments to Christ in the last twelve months and thirty-one are from our online live service streaming! Continue to tell your story of how God is making a difference in your life. Tell your friends how Crossroads has helped your faith journey. You are Crossroads best advertisement.

    A – Assist those in need in our community by launching the PEACE Plan

    Local PEACE: THANK YOU CROSSROADS! Thank you for volunteering and serving in our community! We had 130 people doing four different projects in Camarillo and Oxnard. We served seniors by cleaning rain gutters, cleaned playground equipment and renewed planter boxes and tables for families in crisis, and some of you literally gave blood. To top the day off, we put on a church service and fed over 200 people in need! God prepared those “good works” for us to do and each one made a difference!

    We just received this from the ACTION (Area Christians Taking Initiative On Needs) coordinator: “You did it! ACTION’s 12th annual Serve Day came and went fantastically, with over 1,800 volunteers serving and 542 projects completed. We would not have been able to make such an impact in the Ventura County community without your partnership with ACTION. Thank you for serving alongside us and loving our neighbors with your sleeves rolled up!”

    Thank you again for your big hearts! Watch for more opportunities to serve coming soon.

    I – Invest in the future. “God’s Up To Something! (G.U.T.S.)

    Ever feel like God is about to do something but you can’t quite put your finger on it? That sense of excitement and fear all at the same time? Well we’re feeling that at Crossroads. God is really up to something! Please join us in prayer as we ask God to reveal to us what He’s up to regarding the future opportunities He has for us.

    T – Train every member to be on mission through our CORE classes and small groups.

    Grow Groups continue to be a vital part of Crossroads mission. The spring session just finished up and we are excited for new groups to start this fall. We are looking for more grow group leaders for this coming session. Training is easy and fun! Contact Pastor Clayton for more information.

    Crossroads CORE classes are going through a renewal this summer. We have added a class, and refined and focused the material. All new Connect, Grow, and Go classes begin August 13th! Details coming soon.

    H – Help update and renew our facility including our café, auditorium, classrooms, and parking lot.

    We’re moving full steam ahead with our facilities updates!

    The stage is almost complete! In just a few short weeks, we’ve completely updated the stage, but we’re not done yet! The auditorium has more work to do. We’ll be painting, putting new covers on the sound panels, and staining the floors. Check out the options!

    The café design for the new coffee area has been finalized. It includes new counters, new sinks, new refrigeration, even an ice machine! We hope to add barista-type coffee service in the future too. Construction starts soon. Check it out!

    The parking lot repair and resurfacing has started! The giant roots have been removed and new asphalt has been applied. Resurfacing will happen towards the end of July. We are looking, and feeling, good!

    Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Building for Tomorrow 3.0. YOU are the reason we can make a difference through these five God-inspired goals. 

    5 Ways to Give to BFT 3.0

     “Every Sacrifice, Big Impact”

    Sacrificial giving happens when I give every possible way I can. David said, “I will not offer to the Lord that which cost me nothing.” 2 Samuel 24:24

    1. Give a cash gift. This can include savings, tax refunds, stock dividends, garage sales, extra part-time jobs, deferring a major purchase, etc. Ask God for creative ideas to raise cash.
    2. Make a 24–month giving pledge. You can give far more when it’s spread out over time. You will be amazed at the total of your potential weekly or monthly giving over two-years.
    3. Set up Daring Faith automatic online giving. The easiest way to schedule giving to your two-year pledge is to set it up automatically. It’s safe, secure, and it saves you and the church money!
    4. Give property, stock, or other items of value. Give stocks, real estate, cars, gold, jewelry, boats, bonds, etc. E-mail Pastor Mike, our administrative pastor, or call 805-484-8586, extension 108.
    5. Make Crossroads Church a beneficiary in your will and trust. E-mail Pastor Mike, our administrative pastor, or call 805-484-8586, extension 108.

    To start giving to BFT 3.0, make changes to your commitment, or simply learn more about the campaign, visit our BFT 3.0 page.