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Serving is the “GO” part of our church mission of “Connect, Grow, Go.” We believe that service in any capacity for Christ will be used by Him to change lives for everyone involved, so we take that responsibility seriously.

Volunteer Opportunities

Sunday Mornings

Parking – Welcome and guide guests and regular attendees to parking spots.

Greeters – Greet, welcome, and help guests and regular attendees. Answer questions and provide information about the church.

Ushers – Greet and welcome attendees, hand out bulletins, assist with seating, and take offering at the end of service.

Guest Registration/Kids and Students Computer Check-in – Welcome guests, help new families register for Sunday programs, and assist with computer check-ins.

Safety – Help provide a safe environment on Sundays, midweek evening programs, and for special events.

Medical – We need people with paramedic or EMT training to assist with medical emergencies on Sundays.

Café – Help set up and serve hot beverages and donuts on Sundays.

CD Duplicating – Duplicate CDs of the message for purchase in the bookstore.

Bookstore – Assist guests in the bookstore with their purchases.

Main Service Worship Team – Sing or play (or both!) in the Sunday morning worship services and for special occasions (audition required).

Drama Team – Perform in drama sketches in the Sunday services.

Stage design – Create looks in the main auditorium to go with message series.

Sunday Tech and Sound Team – Run the cameras, lyrics, lighting, or sound on Sundays and during special events.

Online Streaming Team – Our new online campus has a variety of opportunities available. Be a part of the team to reach others for Christ through a unique online experience.

Door Greeter – Assist with checking in children at any of the services in ExplorRoars.


  • Baby Huggers – Adults who just love to snuggle babies in a calming and quiet environment.
  • Crawlers and Climbers – Adults and teens to support a safe, fun place for little movers to play and explore.
  • Terrific Toddlers – Adults and teens to do a Bible lesson each week to teach the kids that God loves them, and that He gave them a family and church that love them too.

Kruzers – Kruzers start to learn the concept of obedience. They learn about sin and its consequences, and how to act like Jesus. All of this is done through singing, a Bible lesson, and a fun activity.

Wired – Here we help kids build a foundation of faith as they are introduced to a personal relationship with God and start to build the skills they need to grow it. All of this is done through worship, a Bible story, and small group time.

On the Brink – In Brink, we equip our kids for life as pre-teens by focusing on things like character, peer pressure, and bullying. We help kids lean on their faith and grow closer to the Lord through worship, game time, a Bible lesson, and discussion.

ExplorRoars Nursery A-Team – Provide a clean and sanitary environment for our children by cleaning the toys each week.

Special Events Team – Plan for special events or serve as part of the event start. KidZone Discipleship Program – Serve as an MC, game leader, or small group leader for 3rd- 5th grades.

KidZone Discipleship Program – Serve as an MC, game leader, or small group leader for 3rd-5th grades.

KidZone Tech and Worship – Be a part of the media, sound, or worship team for Sunday mornings in Kidzone.

Jr. High Team – Be a leader, assistant leader, game leader, or greeter for 6th – 8th grades.

High School Team – Be leader, assistant leader, greeter or game leader for 9th – 12th grades.

Midweek Team – Be a part of the midweek small groups and programs for 6th – 12th grades.

Special Events Team – Work with staff to plan events and make them happen.

Student Ministries Tech and Worship – Be a part of the light, sound, lyrics, or worship team for Sunday mornings and special events. An audition is required for musicians.

Congregational Prayer Team – Pray for the weekly needs submitted by the congregation on your own time.

After Service Prayer Team – Pray with people after one or more services. The time commitment is about half an hour each time.

Before Service Prayer Team – Join other in the conference room before first service each Sunday to pray for the services, those serving, those attending, and that which the Lord places on your heart.

Leadership Prayer Team – Pray for the main leaders in the church one day a week. The time commitment is about an hour each week.

Prayer Note team – Send out three to five notes to those who submit a weekly prayer request. The time commitment is about a hour each week.

Care Team – Care and assist with any special needs of our seniors, single parents, or military families.

Hospital & Visitation Care Team – Care for those in the hospital or homebound.

Meals Team – Provide meals for people struggling with illness, loss, those recovery from a surgery, or with a new baby.

Office – Help with miscellaneous office needs, photocopying, mailings, special projects, data entry, or proof-reading/editing.

Communications – Serve in the following areas: bulletin assembly, photography, videography, banner installation, or special events.

Kids & Student Ministries Support Team – Help with office projects, including mailing, copying, classroom setup, reminder calls, event signups or prepare crafts and projects at home.

Facilities – Assist with projects, repair and maintenance. Handymen and women needed.

Computer and I.T. Team – Facilitate the use of and troubleshoot computers.

Chair Stuffers – Restock chair backs and remove any trash or bulletins left behind.

Gift Bags – Prepare gift bags for guests with our brochures.

Volunteer Childcare Team – Help with childcare needs for classes, small groups and special events.

Communion Prep Team – Prepare the communion trays.

Special Events – Decorate and plan for events or serve as part of the event staff.

Small Group Host or Facilitator – Host or facilitate a small group for men, women, mixed, singles, or married couples.

Connect Activity Group Host or Facilitator – Host or facilitate an activity (hiking, walking, golfing, surfing, cooking, etc.) group.

Grow Team Community Leaders – Must love coaching and be available to support our small group hosts and leaders. Find small group host or leader resources that can help them with their group.

Grow Team Champion – Help get people connected into a group that meets their needs – Small Group, Activity Group, Discipleship Group, or Support Group – with a focus on Small Groups.

Grow Team IT Support – With your web design and or systems knowledge, help set up the functionality of the small group website and small group database.

Grow Team Curriculum Support – Identify and/or help develop small group curriculum that will be available for our small group hosts and leaders.

Grow Team Administrators – Using your administrative and organizational skills, help with communications and keeping the small groups updated in our database.

Grow Team Publicity Coordinator – Ensure our new visitors, church members, small group leaders, and participants know what’s available at Crossroads for them.