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Crossroads Annual Christmas Offering 2016

/Crossroads Annual Christmas Offering 2016

WHY do we give a special Christmas offering?

Every Christmas, Crossroads receives a Christmas offering to meet special needs in our church, community, and beyond. We give because it helps us grow spiritually. One sure way to grow in your faith is by giving back to God.  If you are a regular tither, it is the challenge to take a step beyond your current giving. If you have never given to God, it can be a big first step in your journey.


WHERE will this Christmas offering go?

  1. Student Ministries- Goal- raise $5000 for camp scholarships

Crossroads goal is to have every student come to a long lasting relationship with Jesus. The camp experience is critical! Pastor Ed believes, “One week at camp is worth 52 Sundays”.

  1. Conejo Pregnancy Center- Goal- Raise $2000

provides education and health services to empower women to make informed health choices about your body. Our funds will go to their “sponsor a baby” program. This amount will cover maternity costs for 2 babies!

  1. Shoes that GrowGoal- 150 pairs of Shoe-That-Grow, cost $2250

We are joining Buyamba Ministries to provide special Shoes-that-Grow to kids in Uganda. The shoes actually expand 5 sizes!

  1. Seeds of Hope- Goal- Raise $2500

This ministry in Costa Rica helps at-risk girls in a poor parts of the community. It teaches the girls to love God, love themselves and others, to make healthy responsible decisions, and to believe in the possibility of a brighter tomorrow based on their worth in God’s eyes.


WHEN are we receiving the special offering? December 4nd through December 31st


HOW can I give?

  • Check the bulletin for the special Christmas envelope.
  • Use your regular offering envelopes and write in “Christmas Offering”.
  • Give online at and under  “Designated Fund” use the dropdown to select “Christmas Offering”.
  • Visit the Giving Kiosk in the café.

May God bless you as you consider participating in this year’s Annual Christmas Offering. Remember that any giving to the Annual Christmas Offering should be above and beyond your regular giving.


God’s blessings on you this Christmas,

Crossroads Elder Board


For questions about your Giving Statement, please contact Elaine Uyematsu, 805.484.8586, ext. 103 or